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Summery of Experience

Jeffry Matzdorff lives in Marina Del Rey, California, and is available for hire as a delivery Captain, personalized boating consultant and/or sailing instructor. He has over 45 years of yachting experience, both sail and power. Jeffry’s knowledge in boat preparation is outstanding. His knowledge of electronics, engines, boat systems and provisioning has been an asset to both experienced and new boat owners alike.

Go With Experience - Why choose me

I own a 41 foot sailboat, and I have a great deal of respect for any boat I am fortunate to be aboard. For me, it's all about hiring the right Captain to deliver your boat.  I am pleased to send you my sailing C/V with over 185,000 blue water nautical miles experience, as well as my references which I encourage you to check. 

I grew up in an era when it was necessary to navigate our position without GPS and determine set/drift and course while underway. I am old school and can navigate quickly and efficiently using paper charts, parallel ruler and dividers.  I am also very proficient with all the latest navigational aids including Radar, GPS, Chart plotters, AIS, Sat phones, Online navigational aids and weather forecasts models. I generally provide online real time delivery progress for owners and their family/friends using the latest available technology to keep all those interested in the delivery informed.



o Boat Deliveries - Sail or Power - (cruising or racing)
o Captain Deliveries with Owner/Owner crew onboard
o Baja Bash specialist since 1971
o Private Captain for special events 
o Boating Instruction - Basic Sailing or Power, docking, anchoring, heavy weather
o Catalina or Channel Islands passage making, mooring and/or anchoring training
o New or Used boat 2nd opinions, service technician recommendations
o Boat Consultant - pricing, equipment selection and installation recommendations
o New Electronics Training - GPS, AIS, weather forecasting, yachting systems
o Sea Trial Captain, Sea Trial 2nd Option team to evaluate boat
o Good working knowledge of Electronics, Engines and rigging 
o Anchoring
o Heavy weather sailing


Scheduled Deliveries

2020-March-Ben 50-Ventura to Marina Del Rey
2020-July-Beneteau Sense 50-Marina Del Rey to Honolulu

Recent Deliveries

2020-February/March-Jeanneau 53: Marina Del Rey to San Diego
2020-February-Beneteau Sense 50: Pillar Point to Ventura
2020-January-Beneteau Sense 50: Eureka to Pillar Point
2019-November-Jeanneau 49: San Diego to San Francisco
2019-July/August-Santa Cruz 52: TransPac Delivery Hawaii to LB
2019-Apri/May-Jeanneau 54: That’s Life-Cabo to San Francisco
2019-July-Santa Cruz 52, Blond Fury: San Diego to Long Beach
2018-November – Tayana 48: Costa Rica to La Paz
2018-September-Catalina 42: SFO to Port of Kingston WA.
2018-June-Jeanneau 53-Lucia E Luca: La Paz to Marina Del Rey
2018-April-Jeanneau 53-Lucia E Luca: Marina Del Rey to La Paz






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I believe that boat preparation is key to a successful delivery. Both boat, crew, provisioning and the boats electronics and subsystems should be inspected and in good working order.

I believe that the Captain, crew and owner should be able to trust and depend on each other as well as get along. Safety and a secure passage are paramount to me. Having fun and enjoying the experience is what keeps me coming back for another passage.

I am easy going both on and off the water but I take my deliveries seriously and do not believe that a professionally hired Captain or crew should drink while delivering a boat. Party activities are best saved for after the delivery.