I am very knowledgeable in the boating community please feel free to contact me for
recommendations for quality tradesman or advice on the following:

Marine Tradesman recommendations

1. Sailboat Rigging
2. Electrical, Battery Installations and Upgrades
3. Electronics - Equipment Selection and Installations
4. Sail Repair
5. Power Boat Engine Repair-Large Boats
6. Outboard engine repair
7.New or Used Boat Brokerage
8. Transpac or PSSA Yacht Race Safety Preparation
9. New or Used Boat Selections - to Buy or Sell
10. Marine Surveyor Recommendations

Boat Evaluations and Installation Recommendations - Free Initial Consultation

Let me give you a state of the state of your boat, a quick look at what you may
need to do to prepare for the new sailing season and/or outfit for a long distance cruise.
I can offer you advice on your sails, electronics, rigging and yacht subsystems.

Note: I do not do surveys but can help you prepare for a survey or follow up on
recommendations made by a Marine surveyor. If you need a detailed safety inspection of
your boat please contact a licensed Marine Surveyor for that purpose.

Buying or Selling your Boat - One Time Flat Fee
Sea Trial Captain

For recommendations on buying or selling a new or used boat. When buying a
boat I can offer you a second hand opinion on the boat you're considering or make
suggestions on the best type of boat to consider based on what you're looking for.

Note: I am independent and have no financial ties to any boat brokerage.
















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